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Dear Yuletide Writer 2013

Hello Fellow Yuletider!

First things first, let's get this out of the way: you are awesome. I mean that. We already have something in common - our fandom - and I know I will love whatever you write for me. Everything below is meant as suggestion. You can totally ignore it, but if you don't, I hope it is helpful or maybe gives you a starting point.

I'm mostly active on tumblr these days, so if you're interested in a little light stalking, here are my tags on tumblr for my Yuletide fandoms: hackers, my boys, brooklyn nine nine, and new girl. I'm blithers on AO3 as well. And, if you have any questions, feel free to drop htbthomas or Kyra a line, and either can help you out as my Yuletidelicious go-between.

Things I Like: Romantic longing. Snappy dialogue. Snarky/sexy fighting. Actual fighting that turns into something else. Bittersweet endings. Happy endings. People who love their work and are fiercely competent at it. Small quiet character moments. Humor. Telepathy. Flirting. First times. Sex! Porn!! Co-dependency. Road trips. Nostalgia. Sarcasm. Forced marriages/pretending to be in a relationship. Genderswaps. Things that are left unsaid. Sharing a bed. Yearning. Established relationship fic that explores the different stages of a new relationship. Found families. Time travel.

Things I Would Prefer To Avoid: Major character death. Pregnancy/babies. Infidelity.

Hackers - Dade, Kate
I'd love a closer look at Dade and Kate's relationship, either during or post-movie - the two of them have crazy chemistry and a fantastically prickly respect for each other. More escalating bets (competition as foreplay) that Zero Cool and Acid Burn made? What are the two of them like in college? That one hack they did the summer after their senior year? I'm also fascinated by the world building in Hackers - I'd love to see an imaginative look at the more outlandish paradigms in the movie (navigating files by flying around 3D buildings - what if that was a REAL THING? What does that mean in the 90s world of Hackers tech?), a gritty, more realistic approach to the hacking in the movie (aka The One With Real Hacking), or maybe a closer look at the ethics and culture of hacking. Hack the planet!

Please don't be intimidated by the world building component of my request - I would loooove a straight-up relationship/pwp fic (seriously, the two of them are insanely hot together, and speak very deeply to my love of bickering couples who continually try to one-up each other). If you do want to tackle the technical side of the movie, go nuts there too - I live for that kind of stuff, and would eat up as much real world detail as care to throw in, or you can go as wild/sci-fi as you like. And If you're not interested in writing Dade/Kate, I'd love to keep the focus on the world building, or the two of them interacting with that world and/or with each other in a more gen/friendship/rivals fashion.

My Boys - PJ, Brendan
I adore everything about PJ and Brendan - their chemistry, their shared history, their BFF easiness with each other - and I would love anything from a story about their friendship to total and absolute smutty smuttasticness. They're set up as such a perfect ship - best friends since college, he had a huge crush on her and couldn't bring himself to say anything, they made out but only the once, and now are fabulous and easy and oh-so-pretty BFF roommates. That's pretty much a recipe for how to create a relationship I will be into. And the show has such a laid-back vibe - I really dig the midwestern attitude and Chicago shout outs and discussions about sports and the bar culture/games. Basically, if there's PJ and Brendan interacting in any fashion, I will be totally thrilled.

This is my fourth year requesting this show for Yuletide, because fic for these two just really, really needs to exist. A few random ideas: Strip poker. PJ teasing Brando about his technique picking up girls. Life as roommates. College flashback. Playing truth or dare (or Never Have I Ever!) with the gang. I also think it could be interesting to go a little angsty here, if you wanted to - they've gotten their wires crossed before, after all. Basically - anything and everything, I am absolutely up for it!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Jake
I'd love a story pairing Jake up with either Amy or Rosa, and trope-y detective stuff would be AMAZING here: A management assigned team building retreat. Pretending to be dating/married for a case, and making out to avoid getting caught. Trapped together in close quarters. Alternately, I'd also love a story exploring the dynamic between Jake and Holt, which I think has been one of the best parts of the show so far. I'm less interested in pairing the two of them in a relationship (I love that Captain Holt appears to be happily married!) but very much interested in how the two of them bounce off each other - undercover on a case and driving each other crazy, going drinking together, you name it. Again, trope-y is amazing for this one.

I'm loving the early tease of something between Jake and Amy, but I also get an argumentative/practical/no bullshit vibe from Jake and Rosa's working relationship that could really work for me. And Jake and the Captain! I love their mentor/mentee/father/son/grudging respect/weirdly complimentary abilities deal. Also, since Brooklyn Nine-Nine is such a new show I'll try to stop back by this letter and leave a couple updates on anything I'm particularly loving in the upcoming months as well.

10/30/2013: Since I said I'd leave you a little update here, I just wanted to let you know that this is my favorite new show this year, and I would be excited to see what you do with it! Jake and the Captain continue to be fantastic, I floved the little moment with Amy and Jake in the Halloween episode, and Rosa is amazing (how great were Rosa and Terry together!?).

New Girl - Cece, Elizabeth, Jess
I'd absolutely love to read a story that focuses on the women of New Girl. What about a story where Jess, Cece, and Elizabeth are the original roommates living together in LA, and Nick is the one who moves in with them after a bad breakup - a gender/character flip of the pilot episode? Or a five times fic - five drinking games that the women of 4D played, and one they shouldn't have? What about a story about how Elizabeth becomes friends with Cece and Jess, either while or after dating Schmidt? Feel free to mix in whatever ships you might like, as long as the story has our three girls interacting with each other!

I love New Girl. And I love the ladies of New Girl. And there should be so much more fic! I ship pretty much anything on this show - I adore Nick and Jess, enjoy Schmidt/Cece and especially Schmidt/Elizabeth (less so after the fallout of the cheating arc, though - I'm basically left with Schmidt x Redeeming Himself As An Even Somewhat Decent Human Being right now), Nick/Schmidt, Jess/Cece - wherever you want to go, I will follow. I'm also fascinated by Elizabeth. I mean, this is somebody who knew college Nick, and who has known Winston and Schmidt for a looooong time. There's a goldmine of history there that the show didn't even touch. And finally, I know this might not exactly follow the characters I picked, but if you wanted to go a different route and genderswap one and/or all of the guys of New Girl and play around that that dynamic, I would be so into that story.
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