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I'm totally cool with transformative works of any kind, of anything I've written - there's no need to ask my permission, just please include a link back to the original work. And if you'd like to share it with me as well when you're done, that would be amazing!

30 Rock

Love in the Time of Faff and Fancy | On AO3
She isn't sure how Jenna talked her into this. Scratch that, she knows exactly how Jenna had talked her into this one - it was all girl-bonding time and Liz needing to get out of the house more now that she's married, and yet here they are, with Jenna serenading Paul and Wesley in tow. And Tracy. She's still not sure why Tracy (plus entourage) is here, except for the general theory that Tracy is the cockroach of social events, and just sort of shows up and then sticks around despite threats of a nuclear holocaust or spray-can Raid or work the next day or whatever. (PG-13, 3381 words, Liz/Wesley)


Remainders, Reminders | On AO3
"I took tea with you, when you were older. I remember you, Hatter." (PG-13, 1459 words, Alice/Hatter)

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Life in a Dime Store Novel | On AO3
Life with Brisco doesn't always turn out how Dixie thinks it will. Except somehow, in the end, it does. (PG, 1685 words, Brisco/Dixie)


Turn Off Trouble Like You Turn Off A Light: Chapter 1 2 3 4 | On AO3
"Oh, God," he said, and she knew just enough about Captain America to find this a pretty strongly worded statement on the situation. (PG-13, WIP, Steve/Darcy)


A Love Story | On AO3
"Back that thought up," said Troy, raising a hand like he was warding off an oncoming train. "We're doing Eartha Kitt AGAIN?" (PG, 3516 words, ensemble)

Drive | On AO3
He'd be lying if he said she didn't turn him on, with her cheeks flushed and her eyes narrowed and her hands in fists by the sides of her stupid 60s era cardigan, glaring at him with those sharp blue eyes and a focus that is almost unnerving. (R, 1174 words, Jeff/Annie)

Epidemiologia | On AO3
The women win at zombies. (PG-13, 6653 words, ensemble)

It Shames The Mountains Tall | On AO3
The love song of Vicki and Neil. (PG-13, 2102 words, Vicki/Neil)

Practical Applications of Continuous Eye Contact (crossover with Doctor Who) | On AO3
The study group meets the Weeping Angels. (G, 447 words, ensemble)

Shadows on a Sunshine Day | On AO3
He keeps reminding himself that they hadn't lost the game, hadn't disappointed anybody, and he tries to numb the crazy feelings bouncing around in his body with the flat beer from the keg, clutching the red Solo cup in his hand like a ward against evil. (PG-13, 1588 words, Troy/Annie)

Tea Time and Time Lords: A Primer (crossover with Doctor Who) | On AO3
The study group travels through space and time. (PG, 4787 words, ensemble)

That Kind of Music | On AO3
"It's overdone as a pop culture reference, but I'll allow it. I'll speak with Britta about an appropriate soundtrack. Jeff, we'll need your shirt." (PG, 1860 words, ensemble)

The Question Isn't Where | On AO3
"Blogons," says Abed knowingly, settling his bowler hat securely on his head. "They never learn." (Or, Troy and Abed throw an Inspector Spacetime party.) (PG, 1358 words, ensemble)

The Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas (Wallflower Series)

And Swim Your Sea | On AO3
He was tangled up in his wife in ways that were complicated and nerve-racking and wholly new, and he was still adjusting to the presence of her in his life. He sometimes felt that his love for her was a physical thing, residing in his chest and pushing aside other internals to make room; the sensation was both terrifying and fascinating. (R, 5269 words, Evie/Sebastian)

Doctor Who

Practical Applications of Continuous Eye Contact (crossover with Community) | On AO3
The study group meets the Weeping Angels. (G, 447 words, ensemble)

Tea Time and Time Lords: A Primer (crossover with Community) | On AO3
The study group travels through space and time. (PG, 4787 words, ensemble)


Venn Diagrams | On AO3
They drift in and out of each other's lives. (R, 3893 words, House/Cuddy)

The Mindy Project

If We Sleep Together Would You Be My Friend Forever | On AO3
“What about me?” Mindy asks, annoyed. “Do you know how often in a person's life the whole sharing a room thing comes up? And I'm about to throw away this prime hook-up scenario with you? How is that even fair?” (PG-13, 6143 words, Mindy/Danny)


And When You Say Jump, I Do The Twist | On AO3
Five times David shows up at Maddie's place, and one time she shows up at his. (PG, 1838 words, David/Maddie)

Le Pacte | On AO3
"You swear what, Maddie? That you've never had this much fun before? That you wish you'd been in a food fight before now, that you can't wait to thank me, your devilishly handsome host, for another evening of new and unforgettable experiences?" (PG-13, 3746 words, David/Maddie)

New Girl

At the Edges | On AO3
Because let's be real here: she is totally flirting with him, too. There's no question about it. She's flirting back hard, her hand wrapped around the stem of her wineglass and her laugh getting throatier and lower into Jessica Day sexy land. (NC-17, 5046 words, Jess/Nick)

The Office

An Uneven Ceiling | On AO3
Pam could feel herself drifting and didn't know what to do, didn't know how to stop herself from prodding her newfound loneliness, tonguing it like a loose tooth. (G, 1439 words, Jim/Pam)

X-Men (Movieverse)

Interlude, With Bullets and Lime | On AO3
Rogue and Logan, road trip, the American southwest. (PG-13, 2632 words, Rogue/Logan)

Various Drabbles and Comment Fic

Brisco County Jr: Brisco/Dixie, Understanding
Community: Troy goes to Wonderland to get The Best Gift Ever for Annie. He gets lost.
Community: Inception crossover- Annie sets up a dream-world for Jeff to figure out how he really feels about her.
Community: Jeff/Britta, it's supposed to be casual
Doctor Who: Amy/Rory - apple-picking in the fall
New Girl: Jess/Nick, a game of sexual chicken
New Girl: Winston, Mojo Man
Parks and Recreation: someone is nice to Jerry
Spaced: Tim and Mike, fandom
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